Oval European crystal tube ceiling crystal lamp

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  * Name:
Drop Crystal Lighting
  * Model: Dengxinlighting -6611
  * Type:
hanging lamp
Product Description:
  * Material: LED, zinc alloy, crystal
  * Lamp shape: round, rectangular
  * Light switch: remote control
  * Light source: incandescent, energy saving lamps, LED
  * Process: electroplating
  * Illuminate area: 15㎡-80㎡
  * Style: European
  * Applicable space: the hall, living room, dining room
       The diameter of 800mm, lamp holder: 11
       Diameter 1000mm, lamp: 16
       L * W 1200 * 800mm, lamp holder: 16
Package Specification:
  * Products list: Lighting * 1 , remote control*1
  *installation instruction
  * No on-site installation services
  * By default the first single, the other models need to contact the seller

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